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How to cultivate students' leadership in West Point Military Academy
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The West Point Military Academy, known as the cradle of American generals, aims to cultivate leadership with high moral character and civilize the world. Nowadays, leadership has become one of the indispensable components of comprehensive ability.

On May 15, willams Duffy, President of upper iowa university, graduated from West Point Military Academy, brought a lecture on "how to cultivate students' leadership" to the students of senior one and senior two of our university in the South stairway lecture hall. The lecture was presided over by director Zhang Chenggang.

President willams Duffy analyzed the cultivation of "leadership quality" for students from ten aspects of "integrity", "communication", "commitment", "advocacy", "humility", "creativity", "fairness", "decisiveness", "positive attitude" and "sense of humor". These qualities will lay a solid foundation for the establishment of "leadership", pave a smooth road and open up broad space. President willams Duffy told the students, "the cultivation of leadership is a lifelong process of gradual progress and throughout all parts of life. We should strive to make it our basic way of life and the most important values."

Winners are part of the solution, losers are part of the difficulty. Winners see solutions to every difficulty, losers see difficulties in every solution. By comparing the winners with the losers, principal willams Duffy told the students, "the worse the weather at West Point, the longer the students spend outside. Only through a hundred battles can we become indestructible. "

Finally, President willams Duffy sent a message to the students of Hebei International School Education Group, "I am deeply impressed by the knowledge literacy and cross-cultural communication ability you showed in this lecture. I hope you will always embrace difficulties, be a winner. "

At the end of the lecture, President willams Duffy gave a detailed introduction to the students of senior one international class to go to Iowa University, and solved the most concerned problems of students, such as major setting, application conditions and requirements, preferential policies for studying abroad, career planning services, etc.

This visit has deepened the friendship between our university and the University of Iowa in the United States, helped strengthen exchanges and cooperation with American universities, and will provide more choices for our students to study abroad.


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